MHD-ROCKLAND sets itself apart as a world class supplier in fixed wing aircraft services and support, working hard every day to make life easier for ageing commercial and military aircraft operators around the globe. Our continued success is largely based on the integration of legacy management and continued manufacturer support through OEM and other channel partners. With one of the largest privately-owned P-3 and C-130 inventories in the world, four L-188 Electras and over 200 000 square feet of warehouse facilities, MHD-ROCKLAND is fully equipped to help reduce downtime and extend aircraft life.


To provide fleet operators and repair stations around the globe with the parts they need to reduce downtime and extend operations for military and commercial aircraft.


To develop long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers and to uphold our integrity to the highest ethical standards in all areas of our business.


  • Excellence: nothing but the best, every day
  • Leadership: staying ahead of the industry
  • Innovation: constantly improving
  • Teamwork: pulling together to shine


  • An honest and accurate “expected delivery date” (EDD)
  • Updated information on the progress of the order
  • A fair pricing policy
  • A product that meets regulatory requirements and purchase order requirements
  • Impeccable customer service
  • Year-round, 24-hour service, around the world
Other Services

MHD-ROCKLAND will achieve its mission, vision and goals by conforming to ISO 9001:2008 AS9120:2009. Standards and ensuring Directors, Management and Staff have an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.