!! PLEASE NOTE !! MHD ROCKLAND has moved to its brand new headquarters, so please note our new address, 21250 Industriel Blvd., Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada, H9X 0B4


MHD-ROCKLAND holds one of the largest privately-owned C-130 and P-3 inventories in the world. In addition to sourcing new components for re-sale, we own 4 L-188 Electras and hold over 325,000 parts, including high demand airframe, hydraulic, engine and electro-mechanical spares.

Distribution agreements held for many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including Lockheed Martin, means immediate availability of hard-to-find aircraft parts and resources available to quickly source parts we don’t have in stock.

Our inventory supports the following airframes:

  • C-130 and Variants
  • F-16
  • P-3 and Variants
  • F-18
  • KC-135
  • B-707, B757, B767
  • E-3 Sentry
  • T-56 engine and Quick Engine Change (QEC) support
Other Services



Holding inventory is space consuming and costly. MHD-ROCKLAND worries about inventory, while fleet operators concentrate on mission readiness. Our objective is to provide our clients with rapid access to breakdown spares in order to facilitate and improve aircraft maintenance.

Let us help you plan ahead and make sure that we have the right parts in stock to support you.


  • Personalized and shared forecasting tools (e.g., Quantum ERP) to stock spares according to predicted aircraft behaviour
  • Guaranteed part availability at all times
  • Reduction of client’s inventory and associated costs
  • Immediate shipping – anytime, anywhere


Slow moving stock? With our excess inventory management services, we can help clients make money from their surplus stock (buying, selling, trading, storing at a reduced cost).

Aircraft operators and repair stations often need to shed excess inventory, as a result of changing programs or outsourcing trends. We have years of experience helping our clients, including OEMs and governments, make a return on idle investments.


  • A professional evaluation of your assets
  • An audit trail that adds value to your inventory
  • Returns that can be optimized for short- or long-term gains
  • Help managing certifications and preserving, insuring and transporting inventory


Consignment: Our warehouse is your warehouse. Store excess material in one of our 6 facilities, in the USA, Canada, New Zealand or Australia – over 200,000 square feet to accommodate our clients’ surplus stock.

Purchase: We buy parts you don’t need. Turn irritating surplus aircraft parts into useful capital.

Selling services: When direct purchase of your excess inventory is not the most adequate solution, our team will assist you in selling it. Our various partners and contacts facilitate this process and let you carry on with daily operations.

Standard component exchanges: Our supply chain network of providers and distributors allows us to offer both repair management and rotable exchange programs, which lower operating costs.