Distribution & Suppliers


MHD-ROCKLAND proudly holds distribution agreements with OEMs such as Lockheed Martin, Whippany Actuation, and MOOG among others. Our expertise in fixed-wing aircrafts, innovative supply chain management solutions, and the implementation of a Performance Based Logistics approach, have earned us the trust of OEMs, suppliers and customers alike.

Distribution agreements held with OEMs and suppliers provides for ready availability of hard-to-find aircraft parts and resources to quickly locate those which are not on hand. Further, by being entrusted to distribute OEM parts, MHD-ROCKLAND provides assurance of quality parts and minimized supply chain.



Data + market intelligence sharing on consumption
Leveraged production capacity with volume purchases
Reduced inventory cost + receivable risk
Inventory strategically positioned as ready spares
International aftermarket experience + integrated PBL approach
Tailored fleet sustainment solutions
A solid partner for sales + marketing
Offset obligation options
Repair management