MHD-ROCKLAND holds one of the largest privately-owned C-130 and P-3 inventories in the world. In addition to sourcing new components for resale, we own five P-3C Orions, four L-188 Electras and hold over 325,000 parts, including high demand airframe, hydraulic, engine and electro-mechanical spares. We also design and prepare customized repair kits for our clients based on individual and shared forecasting results. Having the right parts available immediately is essential to conducting the maintenance and inspection activities necessary to keep aircraft operational. We work with you to provide the aircraft procurement industry with an analysis of required investment for fleet sustainment.

Part solution: Oil Tank

Oil tank repairs are both costly and time-consuming. The average time to remove, repair and replace a core is 70-80 manhours, with no guarantee of longevity. A potentially overworked unit that will fail again and again seriously impacts mission ready capabilities. The solution: REPLACEMENT. A newly manufactured oil tank eliminates continual patching of tired metal, reduces excessive manhours spent on repairs and minimizes down-time. The result: increased mission-ready capabilities keeping your aircraft where it should be – in the air.
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Dedicated and Excess Inventory

Dedicated Inventory
Holding your own inventory is space consuming and costly. MHD-ROCKLAND worries about stock, while fleet operators concentrate on mission readiness. Our objective being to provide rapid access to spare parts in order to facilitate aircraft maintenance, we help clients plan ahead and make sure that we have the right parts in stock when they need them.
Excess Inventory
Slow moving stock? With our excess inventory management services, we can help clients make money from their surplus stock. Aircraft operators and repair stations often need to shed excess inventory, as a result of changing programs or outsourcing trends. We have years of experience helping our clients, including OEMs and governments, make a return on idle investments.
Strategic Approach
Personalized and shared forecasting tools
Guaranteed part availability at all times
Reduction of client’s inventory and associated costs
Immediate shipping – anytime, anywhere
A professional evalutaion of your assets
An audit trail
Returns that can be optimized
Help managing inventory and certifications

Assure top quality and performance

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