Repair Management

MHD-ROCKLAND offers cost-effective repair and overhaul services utilizing a network of qualified repair stations globally. We tailor to customers individual requirements while our real-time, personalized support team keeps them informed of progress via data tracking on our online repair portal.
We tailor our support to meet your specific needs. Our approach is based on one objective: supporting fleets in their duty to fly and meet mission objectives.

How we add value

  • Heavy investment in kitting for repairs
  • Single-source control for repairs
  • Exchange pool options
  • Cost-control through spares planning
  • Managing repairs in compliance with US export regulations

Part solution: Landing Gear

Landing gears do more than just land the aircraft; there are many parts that need to work right each time and be properly repaired or overhauled. MHD-ROCKLAND has a long and proven history of repair management for landing gears by investing in replacement spares and developing cost-effective solutions for customer requirements.

Assure top quality and performance

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