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We use four elements: our knowledge, inventory, network and forecasting capabilities to enhance your supply chain and reduce the cost of maintaining aircraft operations. That’s why fleet operators around the world rely on us to supply quality spares and services to keep their fleets mission ready.

Military divisions around the world are now implementing cost-effective logistics management programs as a vital component to maximizing their operations. Our experience has led us to develop strategies for spares and rotables support that can counteract the negative effects of aircraft aging.

What makes our strategies optimal?

  • Product knowledge gained from more than 50 years of logistical experience.
  • Inventory of more than 325,000 parts, which enables us to provide exchanges or loans while repairs are taking place, minimizing downtime.
  • Formalized working relationships with OEMs, repair facilities and customers in 16 countries around the world – if we don’t have a part, we know where to find it.
  • Forecasting via our Quantum ERP software allows us forward planning and analysis to manage and monitor trends, and know when to stock spares.

Part Solution: Microvanes

Microvanes are small aerodynamic components which are attached to the aircraft fuselage surface causing a reshaping of the airflow around the AFT cargo door. By reducing total drag on the aircraft, fuel and thrust requirements are also lessened. After 10 years of exhaustive testing, a proven solution is now available that allows operators to have long term solutions and benefits not previously experienced.

  • Reduction in fuel costs, emissions, and wear on engines and accessories
  • Reduces take-off and landing cycles extending mission time
  • Short production lead time and affordably priced for quick return on investment
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