Business Units

US Government

MHD-ROCKLAND Inc. USA is a woman-owned, small business with a focus on fixed wing and legacy airframe material support. We focus on matching our industry knowledge and Government acquisition analysis to offer expediential growth to industry partners while sustaining the warfighter. We are set up to support contracts through any Government vehicle requested.


MHD-ROCKLAND Services is pleased to commence activities of its recently formed “Flight Operations” division at the Keystone Heights Airport (42J) in Starke, Florida. This branch of the aeronautical company will specialize in the training and maintenance of the P-3 Orion, primarily focusing on the training of pilots and flight engineers dedicated to this platform.

Distribution Services

MHD-ROCKLAND has partnered with leading OEMs to deliver best in class distribution solutions for new and used aircraft parts for legacy platforms including C-130, P-3, C27J, F-16, CRJ and Fokker.

We are proud to offer an extensive portfolio of factory approved parts and services to our global customer base. With an inventory of over 350,000 parts, we can meet your needs quickly and efficiently. We are committed to ensuring our products meet or exceed our customer and industry regulatory requirements. Our leading Quality Management System is fully audited by industry regulators and external organizations.

MRO Services

Our MRO teams offer superior technical expertise and best-in-class quality standards for all maintenance, repair and overhaul services, whether executed in-house or managed through an approved 3rd party supplier. If you need to repair a single part, or require a customized MRO program, we can help.