An Aircraft-On Ground (AOG) can cost an operator both time and money. That is why when faced with such a situation, operators need to get replacement parts to the grounded aircraft as soon as possible. At MHD-ROCKLAND, we understand the critical nature of an AOG situation and make sure our customers get the parts they need quickly and seamlessly.

Read how our team successfully resolved one such situation recently:

Challenge: Our customer, a leading Canadian Aerospace company contacted us to help repair a Canadian Forces AOG.

Action: Our team jumped into action as soon as we received the call. The goal was simple – ensure the correct replacement parts are dispatched as soon as possible without compromising the high-quality standards that MHD-R is known for.

The team pulled all their resources and here is how we made sure everything went well:

  • In our Florida location, the Flight Ops team quickly dismantled 2 brackets off a remaining section of our NOAA aircraft and the MHD-R Services team made sure to get the parts out the same day
  • Once in Montreal, the parts were added to the system and rushed to the R&O Shop
  • The R&O shop dropped everything to get these parts cleaned, stripped, and identified
  • Then, Sales generated the paperwork to get things moving out the door
  • Parts were then prepared for a rush overnight shipment to the customer & tracked until their arrival.

Result: As a result, the parts reached their destination on time ensuring that the AOG was repaired and sent on its way without further delays. This just goes to show the level of effort required to put an AOG back in service. The whole process was handled personally with 100% teamwork to ensure error-free on-time delivery.

“At MHD-ROCKLAND, we understand the urgency of an AOG situation. That is why, we leverage over 40 years of experience and strong industry partnerships to offer our customers fast, secure and efficient solutions. Following well-established quality protocols, our team monitors the project closely and keeps the customer updated from start to finish”
– Bryan Dollimore, CEO.